About ATAL Conclave

ATAL (Arunachal Transformational & Aspirational Leadership) Conclave seeks to engage the youth of Arunachal Pradesh in the active age group of 18 – 30 years, in areas of public policy and governance. ATAL Conclave would act as a platform to tap into the huge untapped potential of the youth in the state to contribute towards ideation of policies, creating the pro-active demand for suitable policies, propose solutions to existing challenges, engaging with leaders for their feedback on proposed solutions, and finally leading to a culmination by putting ideas into action.

    The initiative would envisage to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Reverberation of Vision 2040
  • Youth in Nation Building
  • Ideation, Creativity, Innovation, Iteration
  • Objectivity in Experimentation
  • Input to Policymakers
  • Transformation in Temperament
  • Peer-learning Ecosystem
  • Participatory Democracy


ATAL Conclave would provide an opportunity to the youth of Arunachal Pradesh, working in teams to put their heads together based on the theme of ‘Vision 2040 : Opportunities & Challenges for New Arunachal’ and come up with the ideas, policy proposals to be presented during the deliberation stage on five to six key thematic areas.


Debates and deliberations are essence of a Democracy. As part of the 3 day Conclave, 1000 youth participants shall brainstorm and present their ideas, proposals and solutions before GoAP Panel. Further, interactive sessions with key policy makers, bureaucrats, sectoral experts, thought leaders, and grass-root leaders are planned to be hosted in the Conclave.


Taking the engagement a step forward, the youth could be leveraged to go ahead and aid the administration in implementation of policies proposed and solutions accepted. The youth can usher in such reforms through internship, technical assistance, advocacy or through short term work opportunity with the bureaucrats or public representatives.